Registration Is A Three Step Process

Note: ONLY 1 person needs to come to the registration date (Step 3) if there happens to be a group of friends or family members taking the course. That person just needs some particulars for each member of the group, including name, complete address, a picture of photo ID, $100 per person deposit…and can pick up all the materials required for each candidate.


Step One

  • You email us at and tell us what course you intend to do. That puts you on a list that then gets you to Step 2.
  • IF YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU NEED, please call Fred at 519 – 615 – 4867 ask all your questions, then go back and email us at and make your selection.
  • You will receive confirmation of your program choice and be given the date and location of where the official registration will be held.


Step Two

  • You or someone representing you need to attend at the registration date (SEE STEP 3) given via Step 1 above.
  • You bring photo ID & $100 cash or cheque deposit, (sorry no debit but emt can be arranged prior)
  • Fill out the government forms we provide
  • You will receive your text(s), study and reading guide
  • You now OWN a spot in the course you selected…..until this part is done, you are not part of any program
  • You need to physically have the text study and reading guide in hand, and we need government paperwork on file for you to be part of a firearms class


Step Three

Your Registration Date and Location

Looking forward to meeting you soon.